Contraception: Find The One

Choosing contraception can be a bit daunting especially
when there are 15 options to pick from.

Fortunately, finding the right one for you needn’t be a chore. This website will discuss the issues affecting real women about their contraception and focus on effective long-acting methods of contraception.

See how contraception fits around your lifestyle, or visit Your contraceptive options page for information on all the different choices available.

  • Molly 17, no children
    A-level student
    Molly 17, no children
    A-level student
    “The best thing about my contraception is that it’s fuss-free. You see the doctor and get a new lot of pills every 3 months and you know what you’re getting.”
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  • Alicia 25, no children
    Alicia 25, no children
    “I was a bit anxious about getting my contraception fitted at first but my doctor was great and explained everything…having reliable contraception means I’m more in control of my future plans.”
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  • Reena 32, one baby
    make-up artist
    Reena 32, one baby
    make-up artist
    “My contraception gives me longer-term reassurance so I don’t have to worry about it and can concentrate on my daughter and family.”
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  • Kate 43, two children
    shop assistant
    Kate 43, two children
    shop assistant
    “I’ve become much more aware of the changes my body is going through, which has led me to think a lot more about my choice of contraception…moving to a contraceptive that helps with my symptoms is a bonus.”
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  • Male and Female Sterilisation
  • Copper Coil or Intrauterine Device (IUD)
  • Intrauterine System (IUS)
  • Sub-dermal implant
  • Contraceptive Injection
  • Contraceptive Vaginal Ring
  • Contraceptive Patch
  • Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (COC)
  • Progestogen-only Pill (POP)
  • Diaphragm or cap with spermicide
  • Male condoms
  • Female Condoms
  • Natural Family Planning
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